Anatomy of a Safe Master Bathroom
March 18, 2019 Kathy Rollins

Anatomy of a Safe Master Bathroom

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Safety is important in master bathroom design
Interiors by Kathy Rollins Project

Our bathrooms hold a special place in our homes….they are the first room we use upon waking and the last room we use before retiring to bed; bookends of the day so to speak!  And as such, they should be considered one of the most valuable rooms in your home. Besides aesthetics, there are basic design features for safety to consider when creating your master bathroom and they should be addressed prior to picking out any pretty tile!

1)Non-slip flooring: With water and moisture prevalent in the bathroom, choosing a non-slip bathroom floor just makes good sense.   Consider a porcelain tile or natural stone that has a some ‘texture’ when you run your hand across its surface.  Mosaic tiles are another good option; the smaller tiles make a floor less slippery because more grout is used and the grout acts as a non-skid surface.  

2) Good lighting: Vanity lighting gets top consideration because these fixtures illuminate the head and face for grooming.  As in the photo above, we placed the sconces at slightly above eye-level, which prevents shadows from being cast on the face and straining the eye.

3) Counter-height surfaces: Raising the cabinet base height to 34 1/2” inches can prevent you from having to hunch over as you are using the sink.   That goes a long way towards alleviating back pain.  

4) Lever faucet handles: It’s smart to install lever faucet handles as they eliminate the twisting and turning that is difficult for anyone with mobility issues.

5) Low curb entrance to shower:  A low shower curb minimizes the risk of tripping as entering the shower.   Ideally a no-threshold shower is best, but a low curb of 2”-3” is a big improvement over the standard 5” curb.

6) Shower bench:A safe place to sit in the shower is vital for improving shower safety.  The less time you’re standing, the less your chances are of slipping and falling.  

As with any project, a well-designed master bathroom is first and foremost safe, it’s functional and built with beautiful materials.  Keep these features in mind if you’re redesigning your master bath and call on us if we can be of assistance.