Dress Your Home with Color
January 27, 2015 Kathy Rollins

Dress Your Home with Color

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Dress your home with a fabulous color paletteIsn’t it ironic, the simplest and most cost effective improvement to do to your home can cause the most stress?! Many of us suffer from “Color Paralysis” when it comes to selecting new colors. Will I like the new color? Will it work with the rest of my home? What paint product should I use? Spray or Brush? What sheen is right for my project? The questions can be endless.

Hiring a professionally trained interior designer can alleviate not only your stress, but can make good sense when it’s time to select new paint colors by saving you time and money. Read on for some of the benefits:

  1. A trained interior designer will work with you to develop just the right color palette to enhance your room’s decor taking into consideration your furnishings, accessories and personal style along with the space’s construction and architectural features.
  2. A trained interior designer understands the psychology of color and will work you to develop a harmonious color palette that suits your tastes and lifestyle.
  3. A trained interior designer is knowledgeable about current paint products available on the market and will recommend the right ones for your project.
  4. A trained interior designer is an expert at identifying the correct undertones in colors and will understand how the final paint selection will play out in  your home.
  5. A trained interior designer understands lighting and how color absorbs light. Depending on the exposure, the same paint color can look very different as the light changes.

If you are embarking on new interior or exterior colors for your home this spring and would like some assistance with your selections, give me a call!

Color speaks to the soul in a thousand different ways. – Oscar Wilde