How to Choose an Interior Designer
May 3, 2019 Kathy Rollins

How to Choose an Interior Designer

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When it comes time to build your new home, remodel a dated master bathroom or freshen up the decor of your home, hiring a professional interior designer should be one of the first things you do.  Why?  Hiring a designer at the front end of the process can actually save you money as they can assist in allocation of resources (read: stretch the budget) eliminate design/decorating mistakes and increase the creative thinking about your project. 

Once you’ve decided to pursue hiring a designer, here are some key tips on how to make that selection:

1)Ask for referrals.  Friends, neighbors, family members and colleagues are great places to start.  If they have worked with an interior designer and been pleased with the results, most will be more than happy to share their name with you.

2) Research online.  Designer websites and social media platforms such as Houzz, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram are good resources for finding out more about your prospective designer.  Look for images and context that speak to you and the vision you want for your home.  Quality of content is more important than quantity here. 

3) Interview several.  This is an important step in selecting your designer, as it gives you the opportunity to get to know the person you’ll be working closely with for your project.  Ask questions about not just the mechanics such as how they charge, but ask what their philosophy of design is, what processes they use to create and  communicate.  What is the size of their firm?  Some are large with multiple designers on staff.   Others are small, boutique firms.  There are advantages to both.  Ask about their methods and the pool of tradesmen/artisans they use. Good designers know they are only as good as the people who do work for them, so they should be happy to share who they will have working on your project.

4) Go with your gut.  You should feel at ease with your designer and trust them to have your project’s best interest at heart.  You should be comfortable telling them what you like as well as what you don’t and trust that they will listen to you from the beginning planning stages to when the last piece of hardware is installed.  Design is a collaborative process and it’s imperative you feel your designer will represent you and be your advocate along the way. 

Finding a designer whom you are comfortable with, understands your project’s vision and displays a keen ability to work with architects, builders and contractors is imperative to ensuring a successful result.  You and your home are worth it!

We feel it’s an honor and privilege to design our clients’ homes.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss your new home, renovation or decoration project.